Today is a pasta kind of day, says NCIAC

Some pasta

Who’s up for some penne?

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Today is a pasta kind of day, according to the National Centre for Inference Assumption and Conjecture.

A pasta kind of day is a day in which pasta ‘goes down well’ and is ‘needed’ for continued function.

Senior Science Opinionist, Sir Professor Dr Maximillian T Belendorius III said that it is a pasta day far more than it is a chips day.

“Sometimes you just get that hankering for pasta, you know? All that gluten in some nice simple sauce. Maybe a tomato sauce, like an arrabiata,” he said.

“It’s the sort of day that would be well suited to some of that hand shaped squirly pasta. The ones that look like little ears. What are they called again?

“Yesterday was definitely a hot chips day. It was the sort of day when you need something crunchy and starchy and salty all at once, and chips just hit that spot, paired with a nice refreshing soft drink.

“Today though, today is a day for food that is dense and Italian and served in a big bowl.”

Sir Professor Dr Belendorius was excited to walk down to the local pasta place but had not yet decided which item to purchase.

“Maybe I could pair a creamy cheesy carbonara with linguine. That’s quite a filling and satisfying dish. Some fresh herbs on top, and a poached egg.

“There’s always the classic of course. Sometimes you just can’t go past good old spaghetti bolognese. Or lasagne,” he said.

Since returning from the pasta shop this afternoon, Sir Prof Dr Belendorius has been heard sleeping in his office, and has yet to provide further comment.

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