Deal with it in the morning, says NCIAC

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It definitely won’t be a problem later

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It can be dealt with in the morning, so don’t worry about it, said the National Centre for Inference Assumption and Conjecture today.

In response to an issue that could possibly have consequences further down the track, but that poses no immediate threat, NCIAC today said that it wasn’t urgent.

Chief Senior National Person Natalie Fragrance said that it was fine, and that somebody could call somebody who knows what to do tomorrow, but for today there are more pressing issues.

“We’re out of coffee pods, for instance. That’s a priority. Why don’t you go down to the shop and get some coffee pods,” Ms Fragrance said.

“I mean I know we still have those weird multicoloured ones somebody bought on a whim because they looked weird, but if I’m honest they taste weirder than they look, and I need normal coffee.

“Look, don’t worry about it, it’s definitely not going to come back to haunt us later if this problem isn’t sorted out before tomorrow. Trust me.”

A coffee pod salesperson said that the multicoloured coffee pods are fine.

“They’re not weird, they’re boutique. That’s why they cost almost twice as much. Do you need a bag with that? See you next time,” they said.

No action has yet been taken in regards to the important, yet not urgent, issue.

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