Our people

With its diverse staff NCIAC is able to provide its oh-so-valuable input into a wide variety of topics affecting everyday people like you and Meeble.


Grace Mushroom
Chief Executive Officer

Natalie Fragrance
Chief Senior National Person


  • Chief Weatherologist, Hal Ibutz
  • Chief Senior Ludosophist, Maggie Fennel
  • Senior Science Opinionist, Sir Professor Doctor Maximillian T Belendorius III
  • Senior Policy Conjecturist, Beth Joly
  • Senior Film Analyst, Dr Fledgling Sands
  • Wild Goose Chase Detector, Fred Heron
  • Music Opinion Consultant, Bunny Tuppence
  • Investment Expert, Chadwick Radwick

Operations Staff

  • Executive Assistant to Ms Mushroom, Brian Togh
  • Office Manager, Henri Deuxpenni
  • Media Enquiry Respondent, Juniper Berri
  • Technology Translator, Isabel Effrige
  • Designated Moneyman, Hugh Kashbaggs
  • Designated Normal Person, Meeble (Mjbl)¬†Krstjektvic
  • Intern, Jimmy Prosper