Stuff happens (or fails to)

Yet again, the current provider of my payload has failed to embellish frequent enough hours for me to be able to pay sufficient amounts on my car loan.

I am starting a Bachelor of Arts this year, Majoring in Literature/Writing. It may branch into Screenplay writing or Creative Fiction, or possibly something entirely different and unimagined.

Suddenly, however, I have been encapsulated by an unannounced interest in Stenography, or Court Reporting. It is a pity that the equipment costs so much (about $1800 for a standard Stenograph in Australia), as it is at least a hobby I would like to try out.

Apart from these things, nothing much is happening. I am getting glimpses in my head of, and have started planning a movie to extend the action/supernatural/cybernetic Ethan Ramsey storyline. It would most likely start off with a slightly changed version of the first (pilot) episode of the short story series (In downloads on the main site if you’re interested), and then branch into a flashback exploring Ethan’s forgotten past.

I have made a few decisions on it already. The film may explore the idea that a hero does not always get a good return for a good deed. I have begun creating some characters for the movie as well. Obviously Ethan Ramsey will make a return. The telekinetic Ex-Op3 operative Scar will play a bigger part in the film, possibly as the narrator who explains Ethan’s past to him.

As you can probably imagine, the storyline and the world is already much much bigger than the short story series touched on.

Anyways, pressing on, I’d better get back to sitting here and doing nothing at all.


The Maddened One.