Holidays, I think…

First off, Dad has shown me this FaceBook plugin which allows me to associate my blog with my profile. So if you’ve followed the link, yeah, it’s mine.

It’s the university holidays now, although it doesn’t feel like it yet because I am in the middle of a work infested weekend. I am looking forward to Monday, and finally having most of the day off. Unfortunately I have been rostered on on Tuesday at one job, and I have no idea what the other one will do this week.

Just about to go rent out CoD 4 for the 360 so I can play it over a LAN at an old friend’s place in Springbrook. (You know who you are, you rad human being you)

I’ve been listening to the Penny Arcade Podcast a lot lately, catching up on the back catalog of them, as well as the podcast of them playing Dungeons and Dragons fourth edition. It’s quite enlightening. I’ll post links to them later on when I have nothing else to do.

Until then, adios.

I be off.

Oh, and in retrospect, the Penny Arcade game on Steam thing makes sense. It was like 5 in the morning after a sleepless LAN-filled night when I wrote that last post. I bought it, and it is filled with PA goodness.

Rock on, Gabe and Tycho, rock on.