Site update

Well I’ve spent a good part of this afternoon working on the website design. It now has a main page which links to the Downloads page as well as this blog.

The e107 page will no longer be updated, because it doesn’t do much that I can’t do with these two pages. I will now update this blog whenever I add any new content, so this is the place to go.

I intend to fix up the portfolio, or have someone else fix it for me, so that I can run it completely seperately from this blog. At the moment the Downloads/Portfolio page is effective and simple but very very bland. I’m sure it could be much better. I would like to add such features as an RSS feed of all the content, a blog (secondary to the page) which would update only when content is added, and a much better interface.

Apart from this little tweak (I’ve also added a seperate Links page), nothing much has happened since the last post.

I’ll keep everyone posted.

From The Maddened One.