New websites ahoy!

I have just made the opening decisions in two new websites.

Considering the traffic of this blog is approximately [Google Search Engine + 1], it’s quite safe for me to post the new ideas here without any outward effects.

However, this blog post may serve to illustrate for various friends what my hopes and dreams and aspirations are for these two paragons of pure silvereity.

First off, Botsu Nagi. (

BotsuNagi will be a forum for a small gaming community, consisting mainly of a few friends of mine, and their friends, and their friends. It may be the meeting grounds for a few guilds, clans, etc.

Secondly, ( is a project I’ve had in mind with a few friends (PlacidBox and Cumbo) for a while, although the actual content of said project has been uncertain, we have been sure that we want to make a website called

You (and I) will have to wait to find out what it is.

Anyway, stay tuned.

The Maddened One