I am writing this using Windows Live Writer

This is an age of EXPERIMENTATION!

No, you deviant perverts, not sexual experimentation, you can keep that inside your own bedrooms (or someone else’s. You can keep your gimps in the closet when I come over).

Of course, this program may be an utter flop, in which case, it would be easier to simply log in on the side of the blog, but this software is worth a try.

jorjesMarvel, as I attempt to insert an image. Meet “Jorjes de la Yungel” (pronounced Hor-hey).

He is my character in a new forum-based RPG that I am trying out for Botsunagi.com He’s a barbarian.

So I’ve also added some new tags. This one, as you will note, has the “BotsuNagi” tag, due to that short stint relating to Botsunagi.com

Now, an image to the right!maddenedman-small Yes, that is an image!

It may indeed become the album cover for Ancient Journeys (now a tag).

What else can I do with this tool?

I can add a watermark to Jorjes. Since I didn’t ask for permission to use the original image, or even to edit it, I’ll add that.

Oh, it doesn’t fit.

A video! Pointlessness at its most pointless. This could become useful much later on.

I am interested to find out what this will look like in my RSS reader. Does it include the images? Does it cut the text?


Or Mentok.

And now, a map.

Map image

My home, in the water.

This is the location of my under-water lair. Here, I plot to commit insidious deeds and do nefarious things.

And now A table
Of Sorts.Another image?

I value the ability to create a table without requiring me to use <tr> and <td> tags. Oh how I tire of them.

WYSIWYG is good.

The Plug-ins look useful, but not useful enough for me to bother downloading any extra ones.

Of course the big test is what the blog looks like after I have posted this. Will it look different?

Or much the same?

Or will it break my blog?





(Or Mentok.)